Qigong (chee goong)

Qigong is the practice of energy awareness.  Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Qigong exercises balance, align and increase the flow of energy (or Chi) within and around us.  In doing so, we relax, cleanse, detoxify, nourish and strengthen the body.  Qigong provides you with techniques to improve your health, vitality and spirituality.  This allows us to feel calmer and more focused.  You will also learn how to be more centred and grounded which will help to increase your happiness and that of those around you.

Qi means energy and Gong means flow.  So Qigong is the movement of energy throughout the entire body.  Classes are friendly, caring and supportive.  Some exercises look like Thai Chi and others are done in stillness and are meditative.

Qigong Healing

Nicole has learnt Qigong through Open Sky Qigong over the past 2 years and is now a facilitator.  Qigong Healing – like Reiki, the therapist uses a gentle touch or no touch at all to assist your body to move the Qi through areas that are blocked.  Deep relaxation can be gained though this healing and it can be incorporated into your massage or done seperately.

For more information on Qigong visit www.openskyqigong.com.au



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