Wow, where do I start? As soon as I met Nicole I knew I was in safe hands.  “Magic hands” is what I call her! I suffered a stiff neck and constant headaches for years.  I spent a fortune seeing a chiropractor for two years.  All it took was 3 sessions at Active Healing.  Nicole got straight to work and cured me of my stiff neck and ironed out all the knots in my back too.  I highly recommend Nicole.  Give her a go and I’m sure you can get the same results as I did.

Kate Treadwell of Mt Martha,
Make Up Artist and Business Owner


My physio referred me to Nicole when he’d decided he’d had enough of my complaining. At the first session, Nicole listened attentively and gently began work on my myriad sore spots. I told her “I was tough and could stand pain” so she ramped up accordingly. Each treatment, she outlines the plan of attack and what I can expect by way of increased mobility (and, occasionally, bruising if she uses spoons, which I love!). She has never been wrong. Specifically, the pains in my lower and thoracic back are now non-existent despite her hardest probing, and my sciatic nerves are currently very well behaved. We’re now working on my “carpal tunnel” problems and it continues to amaze me how I will describe the location of the pain and she will find sore points far away (in the armpits, shoulders and neck) that I never knew existed but that instantly trigger my symptoms. She has such a warm, caring and chatty manner, too, as she works. I finally managed to talk my very scared and sooky daughter into visiting Nicole. She, too, loves Nicole’s work and has achieved a great deal of relief from shoulder pain brought on by her daily work with computers. I cannot recommend Nicole highly enough – I just LOVE my Saturday sessions!

Su Lampe
Science Teacher, Woodleigh


Before seeing Nicole I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain. I also had headaches regularly, even though my Doctor gave me medication for this. I had been to the Chiropractor and Physio but relief was minimal and short term. My husband suggested I see Nicole, as he had good results from her with his shoulder. After my first visit with Nicole my headaches went away for several days. When the pain returned it was mild and time for my next session. My massages now provide immediate and long term results. At Active Healing I feel as though my concerns are being addressed and the focus of the treatments are on my areas of discomfort. The unique techniques used are effective and I would recommend their services to you. If anyone has questions about the value of Nicole’s treatments please email me and I’ll be happy to reply.

Nicole Black,
Manager HR Service Centre CFA Headquarters, Burwood


I went to see Nicole during my pregnancy as I was having a lot of hip pain and trouble sleeping. Nicole’s massages proved to be a life saver as I was able to sleep without pain right up to giving birth. My 2 weekly sessions were something I would look forward to. I would highly recommend Nicole. It is so nice to finally find a massage therapist who knows what they are doing Revina Alford,

Business Owner, Vermont


Once you step into Nicole’s treatment room you immediately get a sense of how professional she is. The room is like that of any other day spa or physiotherapist’s treatment room, if not better.  Nicole takes the time to find out your history and requirements.  She then  gets straight to work on your healing path.  She is able offer the strength required to work through the knots of pain and ease all of those sore muscles.  I have recommended  and will continue to recommend her services to anyone seeking a great massage!

Fiona Lowe,
Personal Assistant, Harcourts Real Estate Dromana