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Relieve your pain and suffering today!

Are you suffering from stress, pain and stiffness in your back, neck and shoulders?
Would you like your pain, stress and tension removed?
Do you have headaches, jaw pain and restricted movement?
Have you tried treatments to relieve your pain but have had limited or disappointing results?
Yes!………The fact that you are here looking for a solution to your pain and suffering is no coincidence.
Hundreds of people are already enjoying the benefits of our tailored techniques and strategies.

You can reduce your pain and increase your movement!

Your work and daily tasks shouldn’t be difficult. Pain is your body’s way of telling you there is a problem. We sometimes assume that this is just how it is for me. “ I will just suck it up and keep moving.”

You would find work and life much more enjoyable and rewarding if you were pain, tension and stress free, a new found enthusiasm for life and adventure in its place.

Imagine that you are able to work all day without pain and tension.
Imagine that your daily tasks are done with ease and without restriction.
Imagine no headaches or backaches throughout your day.
How does it feel?……Fantastic right?

The proven solution to relieving your pain and suffering:

Here is how we recommend that you get started:

“Delving Deep”, is our 3 step introductory package, which uses unique techniques learned from over 15 years’ experience. It involves having 3 consecutive sessions in order to have the desired impact on your body. It guarantees to release your tension, restore your movement and promote deep relaxation in the head, neck, back and shoulders.

In order to consolidate the work done in the initial treatments, you can then choose from one of our 3 follow up massage membership rewards programmes to ensure that we maintain your new zest for life.

If you are serious about improving your productivity and removing your pain, take the required step and allow us to work with you to achieve your goals.

Active Healing Remedial Massage Therapy on the Mornington Peninsula has the expertise:

Nicole Lee has extensive qualifications and has been helping people enjoy relief from their pain, reduced stress and tension so that they can enjoy free and easy movement and increased productivity. Nicole’s unique techniques give them a new zest for life and increased happiness. If you would like to learn more about how Nicole can improve your quality of life, please call her today.


How is it possible?

Success in removing pain starts with an understanding of how it started. The way we deal with stress accumulates in our body. Past injuries, posture, career, sports and exercise also play a part in the reasons for discomfort. One treatment isn’t going to magically make a long lasting struggle disappear, although it may help.

Are you still unsure? Then ask yourself these questions:

Am I happy with how my body feels?

Am I happy with how my body performs?

What are my current challenges?

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